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1)      Question: When join in fruits and vegetable industry, what I need to note my people?

Fruits and vegetable is highly perishable items, so your people need to do every thing at shortest possible time, and exactly. Beside, the safety also important, so  do not deal with any suppliers who this not major in this industry.


2)      Question: what need to care in transportation for this items?


The fresh fruit and vegetable items need special temperature and environment for reservation, so please contact supplier to have proper reservation instruction before handle it, do not try to set up by yourself.


3)      Question:How to choose the right supplier for this items


Answer: Choose the experience supplier only, price varies much between this and another, so the class (category of quality) will decide the price.


4)      Question: Which transport mean I should use for import a certain item?

Before trading a item, you should know the shelf-life of them (total days you can keep it, and quality is safe enough for distribution), then go to our “shipping info” to see how much days for each transport mean, then decide.


5)      Question:Which standard Vietnamese farmers use to grow agriculture produce ?


In Vietnam, We have Viet GAP (Vietnamese Good Agriculture Practice), that nearly same as Global GAP, and some farmer go directly to Global GAP. All our produce to export is GAP or same. However, not all suppliers certified. So, ask your supplier before trading. Important notice: Some farmers applied GAP but still not certified and their produce still safe for consumption.


6)      Question:What payment term does your company apply to ship these items?

With air shipment, we need prepaid, with Sea shipment, please kindly contact us for discussion.


7)      Question:We like to invest into your company, how can we do ?

We welcome all invest join us, but in this industry only. Our company will be public soon. At the time, please contact us with your detailed suggest.


8)      Questions:  I want to buy dragon fruit, how can I buy at shortest time and MOQ ?

We supply items with minimum quantity 1 ton (1000kg) by air, and 1 x 20RF by sea (qty up to each item), to order, please kindly send us (email/fax) your purchase order, if you have no order form, email us the quantity needed and time, we check and reply within 08 working hours.


9)      Question: which trade term do you ship these items?

We can ship base on FOB, CNF, CIF… up to your choice. If ship by FOB, we will give you enough instruction for booking or we also can help on that since most of Shipping line or Airline has relation with us.


10)  What is your supply capacity and season?


For season of fruit, please kindly see the “Fruit Season” tab in the home page. Supply capacity up to 5 x 40RF/day(sea) or 15 x LD3/day (air)


11)  Can you send the fruit sample?

Sorry, All courier (FedEx, DHL, TNT…) refuse to accept the fresh fruit or vegetable. So to test the quality, you may order 1 cont air at first, or visit us to test. The photos and specification information also help you know the quality of fruits.


12)  How we check quality before you ship?

If needed, you may send people to check before shipment, or ask independent third party to check. However, if check by third inspection company, the fee should be born by requester. We fully cooperate with your people to ship the quality cargo, we don’t mind work over time to get job done before CY/Airline Cut off.



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